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Operation: Backstep

Operation Backstep
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Operation Backstep - A Seven Days community
Seven Days (aka 7 Days) is a TV show that was shown on UPN from 1998-2001 that dealt with the ability to travel back in time seven days. The technology was reverse-engineered from an alien craft that crash-landed at Roswell and the project was headed up by Dr. Isaac Mentnor. Cut to the present day and the time travelling sphere needs it's pilot - one Frank B. Parker, the perfect chrononaut. With his above average tolerance for pain and his skills as a former SEAL he helps stop events that cause National Security problems.
I wanted to create a community (since there wasn't anything *gasp*) for people who'd like to drift in nostalgia over this show. It got canned way too early IMO ;)
Since it has been many years since 7 Days was shown on TV, this community can be used as a repository of anything to do with 7 Days or it's actors.
Graphics and fic and news and everything in between are more than welcome.
Spoiler rules don't apply, but if you going to be posting more than a paragraph please use a cut
Pimp this comm to your hearts content. I know there has to be other fans of this show out there somewhere...
Problems? Email or PM me: sapphs@livejournal.com
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